The Knurds are Wrapping Up Culinary Celebration Post production

Hello all!

The Carroll Education Foundation Culinary Celebration for 2015 is in post.  It is safe to say that wrapping up culinary celebration post production will be a good day for all, especially since we have had to make some detours in the project to make sure that the Knurds get their due!

So during the project, due to ‘some challenges’ the knurds had to come up with a quick way to keep the video project alive during the main celebration function. Knurd B (Sam) came up with a great moving picture with factoid idea and it came out great.  That said, we basically doubled our work – even as cool as the factoids were, they were NOT the original idea.  Wrapping Up Culinary Celebration Post Production was going to take some more effort to finish.

The Carroll Education Foundation Board also asked the Knurds to chip in on the ‘slides’ for the sponsors that rolls during the event.

We killed it.

The slides, combined with the factoids is a perfect blend of traditional slideshow and moving pictures with factoids to get and keep everyone’s attention during the event.  All of the sponsors are in the roll, all of the chefs that participated are in the roll – basically, it is just a cool finished product.  We think everyone will love it.

The new schedule/layout for the event turned out to be interesting too.  The Knurds were able to put together some last minute heroics and save the Carroll Education Foundation about $1K in equipment rentals.  The Knurds were able to put together the necessary video panels, stands and audio systems to display the Culinary Celebration full-on interview videos with the Chefs.  And what is really cool about this set up, is that the Knurds will be front and center at registration and in the main banquet hall for the event.  So double the work turned out to be a pretty good investment on the part of the Knurds!

So here we are, a week away from the event and we really are Wrapping Up Culinary Celebration Post production.  The footage looks great, the edits are smooth and the overall product really emphasizes the chefs, their restaurants and the sponsors for this year’s Carroll Education Foundation Culinary Celebration.

Once the final rolls for the event are completed, we will drop the individual clips out to the Knurd Films Vimeo channel (

If you have not registered to attend the event, you can purchase tickets at the Carroll Education Foundation’s website –

See you on the 12th!


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