Knurd Films SPIN Pizza

SPIN Pizza is Neapolitan. And delicious – more about that in a minute.

Our second outing of the day was to film ‘Knurd Films SPIN Pizza’. Lunchtime was going to prove a little challenging for a video session, with the extra folks around the restaurant and such, but we were ready. So were they.

We were greeted by Scott Mayo, SPIN Neapolitan Pizza’s area supervisor. The folks at the restaurant were very accommodating and gave us plenty of room to shoot in an area of the dining room that wasn’t too crowded and where we could keep patrons out of the interview shots. After we settled in and got set up, we called Scott over for our interview session.

Scott was able to really give us some insight about SPIN, why there pizza is different and, most importantly, their community service motivation. SPIN strives to excel in EVERY community that they are in – not just a strategic one, here or there. During the last few minutes of the interview Scott gave some really good stuff that’ll probably be the featured set for their portion of the project. It was REALLY good – and positive. Cool. The ‘Knurd Films SPIN Pizza’ session was definitely a success.

Afterwards, Scott invited us to stay for lunch – and how could we say no?! During the interview, he told us about this awesome, pizza bianca – green apples and sausage on a white pie. We were in and ordered it up. The folks at SPIN know exactly what they are doing. It was the freshest, best pizza I’ve had in a LONG time. It was fantastic – so much so, that we took a picture of the thing before we devoured it! *See Below!


So if you head in for a pie, tell them the Knurds sent you!

SPIN Neapolitan Pizza is located at 1586 E. Southlake Blvd., Southlake TX 76092. For more information about SPIN Neapolitan Pizza, you can visit their website at

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