Knurd Films introduces Taste Buds Kitchen

Knurd Films introduces Taste Buds Kitchen was our final session on the final day of recording for the Carroll Education Foundation’s Culinary Celebration project, and it really couldn’t have been at a better place. Taste Buds Kitchen is a really cool place that provides cooking instruction for folks of all ages. As a matter of fact, the Knurds were loading in while one of the kids dessert classes was wrapping up!

The owner/operator of the Southlake Taste Buds Kitchen is Eden Bullock. A Colorado transplant, Eden is glad to call the Southlake area home.

Once we were set up for the ‘Knurd Films introduces Taste Buds Kitchen’ shoot and got everything rolling, Eden gave the Knurds some background on the Taste Buds Kitchen concept and her professional career. The interview session was really informative and provided a nice wrap to all of the shoots that we’d done over the last few weeks. Since Taste Buds Kitchen is not only an Adult teaching kitchen, but also provides children’s courses, it was a great place to finish up the shoots. During the interview, Eden told us about why she had decided to become a chef, why she decided to do her own thing and why giving back to the community was such an important part of what Taste Buds Kitchens was all about.

Carroll Education Foundation Board Member Shelley Powell proved to be a standout representative for CEF by participating in the interview and, as usual, she did a fantastic job.

For our final interview, Knurd Films introduces Taste Buds Kitchen, couldn’t have been spent with a more professional owner/operator in a more classy and tastefully designed space. Eden Bullock is on to something with this venture!

Taste Buds Kitchen Southlake is located at 2140 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite V, Southlake Texas 76092. For more information about Taste Buds Kitchen Southlake, you can visit their website at

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