Knurd Films introduces Mason and Dixie

‘Knurd Films introduces Mason and Dixie’ was the 2nd location on our final shooting day for the Carroll Education Foundation’s Culinary, which really worked out because the interview was scheduled just after lunch and Mason & Dixie are a lunch-time restaurant. So after the Knurds got on site, we unloaded the gear and sat down for a bite to eat.

Enter Beth Newman.

Beth may be one of the friendliest, most down-to-earth people that we’ve met on our project. She has a wry sense of humor and just a great sense about her. Also, her food is delicious.
Knurd A (me) had Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich and Knurd B (not me) had Tomato Basil Soup and the Grownup Grilled Cheese. After a few minutes of waiting around, we noticed that the folks in the restaurant all seemed to know Beth. And they all seemed like friends – which made for a cool interview topic for later. So, then the food showed up and it was just flawless. The sandwich was piled high with pulled pork, the tomato basil soup was the phenomenal (per Knurd B) and so was the grown up grilled cheese. After we finished lunch, it was time to get down to business and start the interview. Our good friend Shelley Powell from the Carroll Education Foundation Board was on hand as well – she and Beth have been friends for a long time!

During the interview, we realized right away that our new friend has a VERY sharp sense of humor (so she fit right in with us) and that she was VERY connected to her restaurant, her patrons and her food. She let us know early on that people liking her food was important to her and a motivating factor for choosing to open her restaurant. Beth’s interview was really great and when she got together with Shelley, the results were even better. Mason & Dixie is a great place for lunch, with a great person running the show.

Knurd Films introduces Mason and Dixie certainly was entertaining and just plain fun to make. The food is great, the people are great – it is a win-win.

Mason & Dixie is located at 1641 W. Northwest Hwy, Grapevine, TX 76051. For more information about Mason & Dixie, you can visit them on Facebook at

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