Knurd Films introduces Le Sara Cupcake Bar

‘Knurd Films introduces Le Sara Cupcake Bar’ was the second shoot of the day for the Knurds. For the Knurds, having bumped into Melissa Petsch a few days earlier, certainly made locating the cupcake shop much easier. As it turns out, Le Sara Cupcake Bar is located at the end of the Jumpstreet Play facility in Colleyville.

When the Knurds arrived, we found Melissa and let her know we’d be setting up and getting ready for the shoot. Just then, our friend Shelley Powell stopped by to talk with Melissa about the video session while we were given an opportunity to set up. While we were scouting around, we found this awesome pink and gold chair-throne-thing that really fit well with the overall personality of the cupcakery.

Once we got settled in, Melissa sat down and started to tell us about Le Sara. She told us why her cakes were different and why she got into the business. She also spoke at length about giving back to the community – and the Culinary Celebration – was an easy way for her to do just that. Having sent her own kids through the CISD system, made it a no-brainer. After the Knurds finished the interview session, Carroll Education Foundation Board Member Shelley Powell was next up, and ready to do her part. Shelley and Melissa were great on camera and the interview footage looks really good!

While we were set up in the kitchen, we talked Melissa into decorating a cupcake from scratch while we filmed all of the steps – more on that project on the next bit for Le Sara Cupcake Bar! Perhpas we will have to make Knurd Films introduces Le Sara Cupcake Bar part 2!

Le Sara Cupcake Bar is located at 5615 Colleyville Blvd., Suite 420 Colleyville, TX 76034. For more information about Le Sara Cupcake Bar, you can visit their website at

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