Knurd Films introduces Kirby’s Steakhouse

Our last session for the day was ‘Knurd Films introduces Kirby’s Steakhouse’. Our site contact for the day was Ashley Avery, Kirby’s Director of Marketing – she had us set up to interview Chef Clarence Alexander. We arrived at Kirby’s Steakhouse ready for the challenge of the afternoon.

The folks at Kirby’s Steakhouse are always really nice and very accommodating. So while we were scouting the site for a top-shelf spot for the interview, we decided to shoot a little B-Roll to see how everything was going to look in the monitor. Of course, Kirby’s Steakhouse has some of the most recognizable decor in Southlake. The giant cowboy painting, the ‘wall-of-wine’ and even the Austin-stone fireplace in the middle of the dining room are all Kirby’s Steakhouse landmarks – so, for the shoot – we went for the walk-in wine wall in the private dining room.

Knurd Films introduces Kirby’s Steakhouse begins with a quick introduction from Chef Clarence Alexander. Chef Clarence is from South Texas and his cool, southern style is evident. Chef Clarence introduced himself and then we got to the business at hand – the interview for the Carroll Education Foundation’s annual Culinary Celebration.

Chef Clarence answered our questions without any hesitation. Confidence is a good thing – especially for a young chef. Personally, speaking with a fellow who was so connected to his roots was surprisingly refreshing. Not sure why, but it was. When the ‘who was your biggest influence’ question came up – the answers were all about his Grandmother. Especially, chicken-and-dumplings, cookies, roast – you know – just about everything. His footage will be super.

So after the interview, Chef and Ashley invited us into the Kirby’s Steakhouse kitchen to get some ‘live action’ footage of the chef working is magic. Not Michael Bay, but let me tell you – for a steak video, there are plenty of pyrotechnics. We got some AWESOME footage of a prime New York Strip that was selected for us by Chef Clarence himself – it must have been 2 1/2 inches think. The kitchen footage will be amazing – I certainly can’t wait to get into the booth to cut that thing up!

And to add a little zip on the culinary fastball (so to speak), chef served up the New York Strip, a skewer full of awesome gulf shrimp and some sliced-n-grilled zucchini for the crew. We were totally spoiled. See below 🙂

Knurd Films introduces Kirby's Steakhouse
Knurd Films introduces Kirby’s Steakhouse

Overall, Knurd Films introduces Kirby’s Steakhouse will be one of the clips we will be the most proud of. The folks at Kirby’s were just tremendous, totally supportive of Knurd Films and most importantly, the Carroll Education Foundation’s annual Culinary Celebration event. Kirby’s is a big-time sponsor for the event and we were so glad they welcomed us in for the shoot.

A special thanks to Ashley Avery and Chef Clarence Alexander – cheers!

Kirby’s Steakhouse Southlake is located at 3305 E. Hwy 114, Southlake, TX 76092. For more information about Kirby’s Steakhouse, you can visit their website at

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