Knurd Films introduces Central Market

Knurd Films introduces Central Market was the first location of the final shooting day for the Knurds on this awesome project for the Carroll Education Foundation. Central Market has a really big presence in Southlake – a LOT of the locals shop there. And, by having some really cool sections – the Knurds were pretty excited to see what Central Market had in store.

We arrived at Central Market right on time and located our contact, Chef Pete Weikel. Chef Pete walked the store with the Knurds to really come up with a good location that would provide some great background footage. We all agreed that in front of the fresh food counter, close to the pizza oven, was a great place.

Once the Knurds were set, Chef Pete settled in for the interview. For this session, The Knurds and Chef Pete decided to do a standing interview, a little different that most of the others that we’d shot so far, and it really looked great. During the interview session, Chef Pete spoke about his family influence, learning from a traditional French Chef in Canada and why Central Market is participating in this year’s Carroll Education Foundation Culinary Celebration. Chef Pete also spent quite a bit of time talking about Central Market’s commitment to the community, giving back and making a positive difference for the kids.

Knurd Films introduces Central Market will be a great addition to the Knurd Films project for the Carroll Education Foundation’s Culinary Celebration video reel. Chef Pete gave a great interview and we cannot wait to see Central Market and Chef Pete at the Culinary Celebration this year.

Central Market is located at 1425 E. Southlake Blvd., Southlake TX 76092. For more information about Central Market, you can visit their website at

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