Footage review and edits

Well, the time has come for footage review and edits for the Carroll Education Foundation Culinary Celebration project. So far, the Knurds have collected about 30 hours of footage that needs to be combed through in order to build out the Culinary Celebration project. Footage review and edits can take quite a bit of time, but the Knurds did a pretty good job of organizing everything – certainly better than looking through tons of unnecessary takes, etc…

This year, the Carroll Education Foundation Culinary Celebration will feature a ‘new-and-improved’ focus on the chefs that are participating in the event. Knurd Films and the Carroll Education Foundation have partnered up to produce the video for the social media outlets, the most-awesome interview sets for the chefs and perhaps the best part – something we’re dubbing ‘a moving slide show w/ factoids’.

I must say – the project has certainly done some creeping in the scope department. Good news though, the Knurds are up for the challenge.

So, Footage review and edits will probably take the most time to complete out of all of the things we need to do for the event (which is coming up quick on September 12th, 2015). We’ve already completed about 50%-60% and are looking to make a big push in the next week.

Having teamed up with the Carroll Education Foundation on such a cool project has been really great. So, for more information about the Carroll Education Foundation, you can visit their website at For more about the Knurd Films project for CEFs Culinary Celebration, you can check some of our stuff out on Vimeo at and/or you can check the Carroll Education Foundation’s YouTube channel out at YouTube-Carroll Education Foundation.

See you soon!

Knurd A (J)

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