CEF Culinary Celebration 2015

All things must come to an end – and so is the story for the CEF Culinary Celebration 2015.  But a little back story first…

We (the Knurds) arrived at the Southlake Hilton Hotel early Saturday morning and started the load in for the registration area.  In an earlier post, we described some ‘challenges’ that we ran into during the production on the video side of things.  Supplying two 55″ flat panels on stands with PA for audio at the last second just happens to be one of the other things that the Knurds can knock out without too much trouble – so that is what we did.

The two flat screens ran the audio ‘enriched’ interview sessions – which you can see here:



The whole thing turned out really great!  Everyone that registered for the event got to see and hear some of the Knurds handiwork, right before they entered the event.  And the best part was that since the footage was so chef-centric, it was almost like a preview for the guests – they got a first hand look at the chefs that were preparing the food for the CEF Culinary Celebration 2015!

So once the guests left the registration area and headed into the main ballroom for the event, they were greeted by two GIANT projection screens that skirted the main stage at the front of the house.  The Knurds put together the ‘moving slideshow with factoids’ clip in the projection system and everyone got to ‘virtually’ meet the chefs that were participating that evening.

Since the place was so loud, with DJ and Band action, audio was going to be an issue.  The Knurds rose to the challenge and presented the factoids presentation, complete with sponsors!  You can see that clip here…

All in all, the project was a great success.  The Carroll Education Foundation had a great event and raised a bunch of money for their cause.  All of the guests had a great time and the participating chefs had nothing but good things to say about the CEF Culinary Celebration 2015.  For the Knurds – we had a blast.  It was an awesome project.  We met A LOT of really cool people, got to see a lot of really cool restaurants and eat a bunch of awesome food.  It was a win-win-win.

Until next year!

Knurd A (J)

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